Long Island Pool Closing Service

Long Island’s Seasonal Pool Closing Experts

You know what time it is. Pool closing time!

The summer season is almond gone, days are getting shorter, and winter is coming. At this time of year, it is recommended to contact Agape Pools to have your pool closed.

We serve the wider Long Island area, which includes both Nassau County and Suffolk County. Here, we aspire to offer our esteemed residential and commercial clients the greatest pool closing service in Long Island.

Pool Closing Service

Every Long Island pool we close at Agape Pools receives the same high standard of care from our skilled service professionals. In order to minimize damage to the pool and the spread of algae, our staff will ensure that the water is correctly balanced and the pool equipment and lines are safeguarded from freezing.

We're committed to giving you and your family the best pool servicing possible at a price you can afford. We take great delight in the impressive track record and reputation we've earned and put forth extensive effort into maintaining each pool we serve.

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Highly Dependable and Custom Pool Closing Packages

There is no denying the fact that closing the pool is a hassle and a nasty chore. Put your trust in us and we'll handle it. When spring comes around and you're ready to open the pool again, you'll save time, money, and stress if you have a specialist do the closing. Because of our customizable services, you can select the pool closing tasks we perform on your pool.

In addition to opening and closing your pool, our pool service professionals offer comprehensive Long Island pool maintenance packages and deep cleaning services. Our team of trained professionals can service and even replace pumps, filters, and heaters if required. Moreover, our skilled crew can replace above-ground and in-ground pool liners.

You can select pool closing services that work within your financial plan and meet your specific needs. Unfortunately, our closure slots for the pool tend to fill up rapidly after the middle of August. So, contact us to schedule a Long Island pool closing service at your earliest convenience.

Winterize In-Ground Pools With Agape Pools

To ensure your Long Island in-ground pool is prepared for the winter, our experts will inspect the water levels, plumbing, and equipment connected with your pool to guarantee that it can be winterized without any hassle. We can safely uninstall and store pool accessories like railings and ladders and winterize your pool's filter, heater, filter, and pipelines. We can also add antifreeze and install winter plugs.

Agape Pools offers proper winterization and pool cover installations to keep your pool safe all year long. Call (631) 346-1811 to speak with a staff member about the services we provide for closing and winterizing in-ground swimming pools. We look forward to providing you our award-winning pool services.

What’s Included In Our Pool Closing Service?

Winterizing and closing a Long Island pool entails covering the pool, winterizing all the equipment, adjusting the water's balance, inserting winter chemicals for harsh winters, and winterizing the plumbing and other equipment. It is understandable that it will sound difficult when you first hear about it, and it is true that finishing it will take some time.

However, the pool closing for this year will go off without a hitch if you have some assistance from an experienced Agape Pools service specialist.

Below is everything that we offer in our pool closing service:

  • Removing diving boards, ladders, fittings, baskets, and handrails
  • Draining pool to proper levels
  • Vacuum pool
  • Adding antifreeze after blowing water lines
  • Plug all pipes
  • Shut down heater, gas supply, and remove cartridge from filter
  • Add chemicals to water to balance water chemicals (we have the most
    effective blend of water chemicals)
  • Winterizing equipment (pool pump, filter, etc.)
  • Install a good-quality winter cover (solid or mesh cover)

You can call the Agape Pools office or stop by if you have any inquiries related to our indemand Pool Closing Services or if you are ready to set up an appointment. You can also fill out a service request form on our website, and one of our helpful representatives will contact you within 48 hours. We also provide a variety of other services, such as pool cleaning, pool heater repair or replacement, pool openings, water testing, installation of deck equipment, and so much more.

Long Island Pool Repair and Maintenance Service

In the event that our pool closing crew finds tears, rips, algae, or severe damage in your pool, our knowledgeable staff can provide an honest replacement or repair quotation to bring your pool back to its original condition. The easiest approach to avoid costly repairs and expensive damages in the future is to have a professional pool service, such as Agape Pools, inspect your pool and provide a routine maintenance schedule for the season. We are a reliable pool maintenance and repair company that has all pool supplies and friendly pool service crew to offer leading services for inground pools, above ground pools, and spas.

Plan your pool's closing with Agape Pools to ensure it's ready for the winter. Do you have something else on your mind? To reach our knowledable team member, dial (631) 346-1811.

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